Diamond Paintings and Accessories & Paint by Numbers for Adults and Children

Why buy from us?

We are locally owned and operated out of our home in Christchurch, New Zealand.  We're passionate about diamond painting, paint by numbers and other DIY crafts, and want to share that passion with everyone.  

As crafters ourselves, we have a strong knowledge of DIY crafts and put a lot of research into sourcing our products.

We only sell what is available in stock, so you can ensure that your painting will arrive in just a few days.  

Quality Ensured

When stock arrives in, we thoroughly check the contents of each package to ensure everything is there before we send them out to you (please note for diamond paintings we can only check all the bags and colours are there -- we can't count each individual bead!)

We check for damages and any potential issues that may stop you from getting full enjoyment from your artwork.

Your parcel will arrive with a Quality Checked sticker to let you know we have done our very best to have it arrive in excellent condition!

Only the best

We put (and continue to put) a lot of time, energy and love into sourcing the best products for you, as well as researching packaging and postage to ensure you get the smoothest delivery with top quality products.

Diamond Painting Beads

When dealing with thousands of tiny beads, sometimes things can go awry during manufacturing.  Many of you would have experienced it before: you're near the end of your diamond painting and you are just a few beads short of completing it! What do you do? Pick a colour close to it and hope nobody notices? Get artistic and pick a new colour entirely to fill in the gaps? Give up and go to bed? 

You won't need to worry anymore - we've imported a collection of all 447 coloured beads in both square and round, so if you're ever short of a colour, get in touch and we can try to match it for you!

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